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* Skater Bio:

* Age:
* 20

* Years Skating
* 9

 Aaron Cannon

 Overland Park, KS

*Currently Resides:
 Overland Park, KS

 Switch Skateboards, GumClothing

*Favorite Spot:
 Any Gap or Stairs.

 The LX homes, Glump Crew, Head:LAW crew, Every Kansas City Skater.

*Favorite Trick:
 Any Heelflip Trick


*Set Up:
Switch Board 8.25, 149 Thunders, Spitfire Wheels, Bones Reds, CatSpray Grip Tape.

*Sickest shoe:
 Circa Talon

*Favorite Video part
 Lindsey Robertson, Mystery Black and White

*Music I Skate To:
 Pink Floyd, Brutus, Metallica, Iron Maden.

*What I Love:
 My Girl, The LX Family, My family, Skating.

*Final Words:
 One more try.

We are not the biggest or the best. Just a good solid, respectable skateboarding team. We would like to welcome AARON CANNON to the Switch famlia.
Switch Crew:

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